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Business strategy coaching for new businesses

Startup business coaching is similar to business coaching for existing businesses, but tailored to startup or very new businesses e.g. in the first two years of operation.

You will receive two hours of personal business advice per month via phone, Skype and email, templates for assessing your business and planning and a monthly newsletter. Our consultants will assist you in feasibility studies, preparing and/or reviewing your business plan, and marketing strategies, social media and finding new revenue streams.

If you have a business idea, business coaching may be the solution if:

You've got a great idea for a business, and you want to explore how viable it might be before you get started.

  • You're in the process of starting your business, and you want to make sure you have a solid foundation.
  • Your business has been running for a period, and you want advice on how to get your business to the next level. That may include exploring how to market the business for the best ossible return on investment, find investors, or how to grow the business and prepare your exit strategy.


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