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Regeneration Unlimited is a leading provider of consulting and training in branding, media and communications. Our clients, ranging from politicians and entertainment industry heavyweights to corporate professionals, demand effective return on investment - Regeneration Unlimited delivers.

Facilitated by experts, Regeneration Unlimited offer a range of short courses in personal brand development, media training, social media strategy, media management, public relations, image creation and presentation skills. These courses are designed to ensure that you will have a strong and influential brand identity.

Regeneration Unlimited advises individuals and organisations to strengthen skills in areas such as; corporate communications, verbal and non verbal communications, body language, clothing, protocol and etiquette, inner image, developing your message and communicating your brand.


Regeneration Unlimited’s branding expert:

Natalie McKenna is an educator with over 20 years experience in the media and entertainment industry. With expertise in media training, promotion and image development Natalie has achieved success with clients through mentoring and coaching using tried and tested methods and innovative new practices.

A social commentator for media and a regular presenter on the international conference circuit, Natalie has disseminated research and best practice in media strategy and television broadcast strategies, personal brand and image development. Natalie has assisted others in presentation skills for TV, radio and conferences including current Australian politicians, TV presenters, executives and entrepreneurs.


Natalie holds a MBA (Exec) and is a researcher in image and leadership at the Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. The research investigates barriers to career advancement and how perceptions of leaders are formed and perceived in the business arena. Natalie’s study focuses on impression management and physical presentation including clothing, hair, body language, and vocalics, Regeneration Unlimited uses the research as the basis of its image and brand development education.


Program Delivery

Regeneration Unlimited offers RU branded™, a one day course to help you develop your brand identity and communicate your brand.

In today’s competitive business environment you need to give yourself the best chance of opening up exciting and rewarding opportunities. First impressions count and those you meet form opinions within a few seconds that can affect your potential for success. Set yourself apart from your competitors with this exciting and insightful learning experience.

The course may be extended or customised according to your needs and can include one on one coaching.


Learning outcomes

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Image and impression management
  • Developing your brand strategy
  • Body Language do’s and don’ts
  • Confidence and inner image
  • Developing your message
  • Protocol and Etiquette
  • How to speak clearly and confidently in both prepared and impromptu speaking situations
  • Communicating your brand through positively and professionally face to face and digitally
Regeneration Team


Training is delivered in groups of up to thirty participants or as a one on one session.


Training involves tuition, discussion, practical exercises and group activities.

Optional services and modules

Ongoing support and coaching service is available via phone, email, Skype, or our web site to answer questions and provide coaching and brand development consulting.  Many of our clients take up this service for one or two months after the initial training, while others opt for a long term coaching relationship. Additional modules can include presentation skills, face to face and online business and social etiquette, advanced body language coaching, emotional intelligence and confidence building.




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